Drone Schools in Alabama

If you are interested in drone schools in Alabama, your options are a bit limited at this time to:

Troy Univeristy Logo

Troy University (Troy, Alabama) offers students the opportunity to minor in Unmanned Aerial Systems. The minor is part of the Bachelor of Applied Science in Resource and Technology Management – Aviation Ops – Unmanned Aerial Systems.

However, Auburn university has announced that they have obtained “the nation’s first FAA approval to operate a new Unmanned Aircraft Systems Flight School”.  Now, several universities already have extensive drone programs, but the FAA views any drone flights at these schools as commercial operations, since the student has to pay to attend the institution. Knowing this, Auburn took the path of offering an FAA-approved commercial drone school without a degree option.

Auburn University logo

Early indications are that the basic course will consist of both classroom study and hand-on flying practice in both fixed-wing and quadcopter UAVs. The FAA approval requires that the drone operators pass a written exam and a flying test (which Auburn will administer).

Auburn University Aviation Center hopes to begin its first class as early as Summer of 2015.

The Alabama Aviation Center (a division of Enterprise State Community College) is also planning to to launch a program to teach maintenance on drones. Program graduates would be certified technicians qualified to maintain both manned and unmanned aircraft.

There are also drone programs offered in the neighboring states of Mississippi and Florida. Please check out our drone school pages for those states.

Meanwhile, checkout this footage of the Alabama countryside, take by drone. Watching this video, you really get an idea of how UAVs could be a boon to Agriculture.

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