Drone Schools in Arizona

If you happen to live in Arizona, you have more options for UAV schools and drone degrees than residents of most other states, starting with:

Cochise College Logo

Cochise College (Douglas, AZ)

Cochise College has multiple campuses, but its drone program classes originate from its Douglas location. These programs are:

Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Operations – Associate of Applied Science

The Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Operations Associate of Applied Science degree prepares students to safely and effectively operate unmanned aircraft systems for commercial uses in the national airspace system.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems Technician – Associate of Applied Science

The Unmanned Aircraft Systems Technician Associate of Applied Science degree is intended for current unmanned aircraft systems technicians seeking to improve their education and career prospects in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) field. It focuses on mechanical and electronic aircraft systems.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Flight Operator – Associate of Applied Science

The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Flight Operator Associate of Applied Science degree is intended for current Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) flight operators seeking to improve their education and career prospects in the field. It focuses on aviation systems and the flight operation of UAVs.


Embry Riddle logoEmbry-Riddle Aeronuatical University (Prescott, AZ)

Bachelor of Science in Unmanned Aircraft Systems

The Bachelor of Science in Unmanned Aircraft Systems degree (UAS) provides graduates the knowledge essential for employment in unmanned aircraft jobs. UAS Careers may include UAV pilots, operators, observers,  sensor operators, or operations administrators. “Being an Embry-Riddle UAS student means you’ll gain an understanding in several UAS operational capacities including surveillance and data collection in hazardous, secure, long duration, highly repetitive or autonomous environments. In addition, you’ll learn the engineering aspects of the UAS, as well as the restrictions governing the operation of UAS in the United States and International airspace.”


Unmanned University logoUnmanned Vehicle University (Phoenix, AZ)

Unmanned Vehicle University is based in Phoenix, but it may be a bit limiting to categorize it among drone schools in Arizona. Many of their classes are available online. In addition, if you are only interested in a UAV Pilot Training Certificate, they have Flight Training Centers around the country. They may also train at your location for groups of 5 or more. Programs offered are:

Drone/UAV Pilot Training Certificate

The UAV pilot training program consists of three phases. Phase 1 and 2 are conducted at home. Phase three is conducted at one of our flight schools. At the end of the program, students will receive the UAV Pilot Certificate that shows 10 hours of simulator, 16 hours of ground school and 24 hours of flight training for a total of 50 hours of training. All flights are conducted at AMA fields with AMA instructors in accordance with FAA AC 91-57. We require our students to join AMA. There is no previous experience required to enroll in this program.

Professional Certificate in Unmanned Aircraft Systems Project Management

Obtain the training to manage the unmanned systems of the future like the X-47 UCAS. Unmanned Aircraft systems engineers are critical to the positions of technical management and development of complex unmanned aircraft systems. These professionals are responsible for planning, coordinating, and budgeting group efforts that translate operational needs into technology requirements. They use their skills to determine whether a system will meet cost, schedule, and performance goals. Systems engineers perform a central role in realizing an unmanned systems success; they are in great demand by industry and government.

Master’s in Unmanned (Air, Ground, Sea, Space) Systems Engineering

This specialized degree focuses on unmanned systems engineering and program/project management. All courses are taught online. The curriculum includes architecture, development, modeling & simulation, analysis, integration, test and management of complex systems and processes. The curriculum consists of 36 credits taken during 12 week terms.

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    1. Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for your interest, but we’re not a school – we just help people find schools near them. Please contact the schools above directly.

  1. I have contacted Unmanned Vehicle University (Phoenix, AZ)
    http://www.uxvuniversity.com/ numerous times in an effort to get information on their program and if they have programs for Vets both by phone and email with no response it seems this may just be a fly by night org. The receptionist are very lean on any disseminating any information as well.

    1. Unmanned Vehicle Universities’ Receptionist is actually just another company entirely that they have employed to answer their phone calls. The “receptionist” then emails the message to whomever. I’ve left three such messages with no responses and finally pried enough information out of the “receptionist” to make my previous statements.

      I can only guess that for one of two reasons they haven’t gotten back with me.

      1. The demand for their time and sheer number of questions has them swamped.

      2. My “general inquiries” don’t mean much to them. They only respond to
      more serious takers.

  2. I would like to find out if a bachelors degree in drones is better than an associates degree. What. Are the best colleges? What do you think. About north Carolina college drone school?

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