Drone Schools in Colorado

While there are currently no degree programs offered by colleges and universities in the state, that does not mean that the Centennial State is devoid of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle training. In fact there are multiple options for drone training and certification…

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Unmanned Experts specializes in UAV Pilot Training, and offers in-depth training options for law enforcement, mapping, industrial inspections, agriculture and much more. Their courses are accredited by George Mason University, and they offer a basic 7-day course that covers  maintenance, aerial photography, components, safety, job bidding, and flight skills.  Students that complete this 7-day course receive a completion certificate.

Unmanned Experts also offer a 2-day introduction course for folks not sure if they want to take the full training or just looking to see if drones are right for them. Also, some online course options are available.

Petauro System logoPetauro Systems, based in Fort Collins, currently offers specialized courses UAS training courses tailored to first responders and law enforcement professionals.  Petauro Systems™ Public Safety Remote Pilot is a 5-day hands-on program intended to teach students how to safely operate a UAS in the field after completing an airspace review, risk assessment, pre-flight check and safety briefing.

Leptron Unmanned Aircraft SystemsLeptron logo, based in Denver, has developed a 40 hour comprehensive course that combines both UAS flight training and ground school instruction, the latter of which focuses on preparing students for the Part 107 Aeronautical Knowledge Test (AKT).

Another organization, Unmanned Vehicle University (though based in Arizona) also conducts a flight training center in Denver, for its UAV Pilot Training Certificate program.

It is worth nothing that Unmanned Experts, Petauro Systems and Unmanned Vehicle University are flexible in that they will often hold training anywhere if there is a large enough group interested. Contact these organizations directly for the details.

Also, Homeland Surveillance & Electronics LLC UAV  in Denver, offers 3 types of UAV classes, ranging from aerial photography to search and rescue.

Air Force Academy logoAnd while the focus of Drone Training Headquarters is the civilian drone industry, I would be remiss if I did not mention the United States Air Force Academy, located just north of Colorado Springs. The academy has shifted it focus to Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPAs) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), and the Air Force needs more pilots and technicians to operate them. Expertise gained in the Air Force might lead to a lucrative job in the private sector down the road.

In addition to the above, the University of Colorado, Denver (College of Engineering and Applied Science) offers a graduate level course titled, “Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)”. The goal of the class is to “provide information and practical skills for managing a project using unmanned aerial systems. The focus is on mission planning, operations, and data processing and the benefits of using unmanned aircraft as a tool in Geospatial, Engineering and other industries.”

Finally, as an additional option for those looking for drone schools to obtaining pilot certification or a UAV degree, Colorado residents may also want to consider attending classes in the neighboring states of Arizona, Kansas, or Oklahoma.

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