Drone Schools in Georgia

At the moment there are no schools offering unmanned aerial systems degrees in Georgia. However, this situation will be changing soon. Middle Georgia State College’s School of Aviation (Eastman, Georgia campus), has plans to offer classes as part of a UAV program no later than fall of 2015. The school already has a long history of offering courses, degrees and certificates in fields related to aircraft. And I would expect other institutions in the Peach State to follow suit, considering that Atlanta is becoming widely-regarded as a research and development hub for the industry.

Georgia Tech Research Institute’s Aerospace, Transportation and Advanced Systems Laboratory (ATAS), for example, aims to be a leader in innovative and advanced research in unmanned systems, from basic research to advanced prototypes to testing and evaluation. Several aerospace companies have spun off from this group. In fact, Georgia ranked No. 5 in the United States for aerospace employment in 2012.

For now, people seeking drone schools in Georgia might want to try Florida or Mississippi.

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    1. I’m looking for lessons so I will be able to fly my marina2 splash drone.can you help me in a short period of time?

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