Drone Schools in Indiana

There is currently only one UAV college degree program that I know of in the state of Indiana, but it is a good one.

Indiana State University logo

The Department of Aviation technology at Indiana State University (located in Terre Haute) offers both a Bachelors of Science in Unmanned Systems and a minor in Unmanned (Aerial) Systems. The bachelor’s program prepares students for entry and advancement within the unmanned vehicle industry. Courses includes both a 21-credit unmanned systems core with an additional 28 credits of aviation classes. The minor “includes an introduction to unmanned systems operations and a study of advanced unmanned aircraft theory. Additional areas of UAS modeling and control fundamentals, ground based systems, visual and electro-optical aspects of navigation, obstacle and terrain avoidance systems, modular on-board processing systems, and current applications are explored.”

Another drone training option is Spaceport Indiana’s UAV Training Program. They offer an accelerated, hands-on 6-month curriculum design to teach students about UAVs, sensors, mission planning and operation.

You might also want to consider the bordering states of Illinois, Michigan, or Ohio.

Or you could check out the Indianapolis Area Drone User Group and see what tips you can pick up.

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