Drone Schools in Iowa

Currently there are no UAS (unmanned aerial systems) degree programs or drone schools in Iowa. Hopefully this will change, starting with Iowa State University. They already have a UAV research group.

Iowa State’s Virtual Reality Applications Center is developing “next generation control interface” for military UAVs. It should be a small step to adaptation for commercial drone applications. This VR interface aims to “provide ground control UAV stations with views of the drones, the surrounding terrain, and overall battlefield. If the program sees complete success, it will allow a single operator to control multiple UAVs, and monitor each of their on-board instruments, cameras and, naturally, weapons.”

The project is also “developing and measuring the effectiveness of new human interface techniques, which will enable operators to effectively control multiple, semi-autonomous aircraft.”

One can hope this research will provide momentum to eventually establish a UAV degree program. For now, drone enthusiasts in the Hawkeye State may want to look nearby to Illinois, Minnesota, or Kansas for training.

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