Drone Schools in Kentucky

There are currently no dedicated drone schools in Kentucky, or UAV degree programs in the state’s colleges and universities. However…

“The University of Kentucky has announced the formation of an Unmanned Systems Research Consortium (USRC) to advance unmanned aerial, ground and underwater systems, and to explore commercial applications for the technology in Kentucky.

“The consortium includes affiliated faculty from the College of Engineering as well as a diversity of academic disciplines across campus, and it boasts a 1,200-square-foot laboratory with in-house manufacturing and access to high precision machining.

“Capabilities include custom platform design for payload requirements including remote piloted and fully autonomous control, electric, nitro-methane and gas propulsion systems, a unique mobile LiDAR 3-D scanning truck that can rapidly capture high-quality, geo-registered 3‑D point cloud data at a large scale, multiple in-house options for 3-D printing, PCB fabrication and rapid prototyping, complete composite fabrication from mold-making to custom carbon-fiber lay-ups, low-turbulence and custom wind tunnel test facilities, and commercial autopilots.”


We’ll let you know if these efforts lead to a drone degree program. In the meantime, if you don’t mind relocating, just about every state that borders Kentucky has a UAV program of one kind or another.

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