Drone Schools in Maryland

Unfortunately there are no UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) degree programs or dedicated drone schools in Maryland, at this time. However there is at least one class.

The Engineering program at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore offers a class called “Design of Autonomous Aerial Systems”. The university’s catalog describes this course as an “introduction to unmanned aerial vehicles, manned and unmanned aircraft design; conceptual unmanned aerial vehicles design based on concepts drawn from airplane aerodynamics, aircraft structure, stability and control, propulsion and compressible flows, navigation, guidance, communication, and design of control sensors; design for efficiency, design for performance, design for stability; introduction to ground, wind tunnel and flight testing.” UMES also operates an agricultural research drone over one of two farms it owns.

Meanwhile the University of Maryland has recently established a drone test site for research purposes. Hopefully this research will generate enough enthusiasm to lead to UAV degree program. We’ll keep you posted.

For drone training now, Maryland residents may want to check out the neighboring state of Virginia. Or, if you want a less formal learning experience, you might try the DC Area Drone User Group. Or you could check out this great aerial drone video of the Maryland State House, shot by Mid-Atlantic Aerial Videography and Photography to get you inspired. Just don’t try it yourself without obtaining the proper permissions…

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