Drone Schools in Massachusetts

If you are looking for information about drone schools in Massachusetts, you have come to the right place. Currently there aren’t any unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) degree programs offered in the Bay State. If you don’t care about a degree and just want to learn, there are some great options  like the following, for which we can even offer you a discount:

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DARTdrones offers classes in Boston, designed to help beginners “choose the right drone for their needs, understand how to fly legally and safely, and learn to fly.” And you can also get a discount off the price of their training course, if you click on the link above and enter the coupon code: DRNHQ10.

Also, there are some interesting things happening in Massachusetts’ colleges and universities…

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s AeroAstro undergraduate program will enable you to earn an aerospace engineering, and prepare you for entry-level positions in aerospace and related engineering fields. AeroAstro students have built UAVs for the U.S. Air Force.

Also, a newly FAA-designated unmanned aircraft test site in Massachusetts will offer MIT classes and research groups government-sanctioned airspace only an hour and a half from campus, at Cape Cod.

MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory is researching the integration of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) into civil airspace, which requires new methods of ensuring collision avoidance.

Boston University and MIT both have Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Teams. These are student run groups with the goal of teaching its members the necessary hands-on engineering skills involved in building aerial vehicle and/or robotic systems.

If any drone-specific degree  programs become available in Massachusetts, we’ll let you know. Until then, your best bet may be in the nearby states of New York or Pennsylvania.

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