Drone Schools in Michigan

If you are looking for multiple drone schools in Michigan to choose from, you may have to revise you expectations. Currently there is only one that I know of. Northwestern Michigan College is a community college that offers Unmanned Aerial Systems instruction as part of their Aviation and Engineering programs.

Northwestern Michigan College logo

Aviation – Unmanned Aerial Systems

“NMC can offer specialized UAS training, aimed at giving you skills to operate a small (under 55 lbs) UAV for many different types of commercial applications. A basic level of aviation knowledge is strongly encouraged. That level of knowledge can be gained by taking a Private Pilot Ground School course either through NMC or another provider.”

Engineering – Unmanned Aerial Systems Technology

NMC also offers an Engineering Technology program. These courses specialize in unmanned aerial systems electronics, hydraulics, programming basics, and robotics. These are skills that incidentally might also make a UAS operator more appealing to an employer.

Michigan State University doesn’t currently offer any drone programs, but their College of Engineering does have a student-run Unmanned Systems Team, which researches, designs, builds, and promotes hands-on learning of autonomous machines.

Drone enthusiasts seeking training might also try colleges and universities in the bordering states of Indiana or Ohio.

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