Drone schools in Montana

If you’re looking for drone schools in Montana, you’re not out of luck. So far, there is at least one drone class in the state. It is offered by Rocky Mountain College’s Department of Aviation.

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“AVS 180: Introduction to Unmanned Aircraft Systems” provides an overview of Unmanned Aircraft System operations from a civilian, non-engineering, operational perspective. The class is taught by Professor Scott Wilson, who is a certified flight instructor (instrument and multi-engine), advanced ground instructor, airline transport pilot, and aviation attorney.¬† In addition to learning how to fly drones, this would probably be a good class to take to also learn more about the laws governing drones.

High-tech, top-of-the-line UAVs are already currently being used by several agricultural producers  in Montana to manage their crops.

For now though, if you’re a Montana resident looking for something more substantial than a single class, you might consider re-locating. Other than that, the closest drone training near Big Sky Country can be found across the northern border. The Canadian Centre for Unmanned Vehicle Systems offers a program out of Medicine Hat, Alberta. Definitely worth considering.


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