Drone Schools in Nebraska

The current status of drone schools in Nebraska is much like what is happening in its neighbor, Missouri. That is to say, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln had a drone class but it was focused on the use of UAVs for journalism. I say “was”, because the College of Journalism and Mass Communications’ drone journalism program was recently shut down by the FAA. It now needs to obtain a Certificate of Authorization (COA) from the FAA before it can resume outdoor drone flights. (They are still allowed to use UAVs indoors.) I understand that the University of Nebraska has applied for this COA.

Unfortunately, no other Nebraska institutions are currently offering UAV education programs. This is somewhat ironic considering that UAVs are becoming increasingly popular with Nebraskan farmers, who are using drones for highly effective crop scouting. They are realizing that if you equip a drone with a camera and link it to the correct software on the ground, it can give you the ability to quickly and accurately check on theĀ  health of your crop. They can then use the software to create highly detailed maps of their fields to make better crop management decisions.

We will keep you posted as the situation develops, but if you’re a drone enthusiast and you want to increase your knowledge, your best bet at this time would probably be to head south to the neighboring state of Kansas to attend UAV classes. Kansas State University, Salina offers a first-rate bachelor’s degree program in Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

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