Drone Schools in New Hampshire

Unfortunately there are currently no dedicated drone schools in New Hampshire, at least not for would-be pilots. However, Daniel Webster College professor David Guo, who has a Ph.D. in both engineering and computer science, has been teaching his students how to design, build and operate drones. This year, his Daniel Webster students are engaged in a drone-construction project with engineering students from UMass Lowell and University of Colorado/Boulder.

Surprisingly, there have been two bills in the state’s House of Representatives to limit the use of drones. One would think that a state whose motto is “Live Free or Die” would be in less of a hurry to impose regulations on a fledgling industry.

Meanwhile, the Granite State is not completely devoid of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. University of New Hampshire researchers are developing UAVs for orchard management. This is basically a drone-mounted camera with GPS and infrared technology, that can be used to detect pests, nutrient stress, or early signs of  tree infections. This could potentially save farmers significant amounts of both time and money.

This drone system is designed mainly for surveying smaller orchards, but it could be scaled for large row crops like corn,  rice, and wheat to determine fertility needs, spot disease flare-ups, evaluate overall plant health, as well as estimate crop yields.

If you live in New Hampshire and want to attend a drone school, you might also want to look north to  Canada – Montreal to be exact.  CQFA’s (Centre québécois de formation aéronautique) offers a hands-on 130 hour Light UAV Professional Pilot course. Otherwise, if you want to stay in the U.S. your next closest option is probably New York.

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