Drone Schools in New York

So, are there drone schools in New York? You bet. While some New York politicians are trying to pretty much ban drones, the rest of the Empire State seems to be embracing them, judging by the number of UAV user groups.

Most New York schools offer short programs designed to give novices a good start in operating small UAVs. However, there is also now at least one AAS degree drone program…

Mohawk Valley Community College logoMohawk Valley Community College in Rome, NY now offers a new sUAS degree program. This AAS program is a made up of “technical courses encompassing the mechanical and electrical systems and operations found in small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS).”  It is designed give students the information they need to become “pilots, operators and/or mission team members of sUAS’s while fully understanding the operational and safety environments of the National Airspace System.”

Monroe Community College logo
Monroe Community College
in Rochester is offering a non-credit course on small, unmanned aircraft operations. The course focuses on teaching students to fly quadcopters for commercial or personal use. It covers safety, drone capabilities, and giving them flight system experience.

The course is taught in six 3-hour sessions, costs $1,500, and includes a quadcopter.

DARTdrones logo
DARTdrones offers 1-day classes in Syracuse at various times throughout the year, that are designed to help beginners “learn to fly safely, better understand the FAA rules and regulations, learn the no fly zones, and handle your equipment and software like an expert.” Also, you can get a discount off their courses if you enter the coupon code: DRNHQ10.

Skyop logo

Introduction to sUAS (small Unmanned Aerial Systems)

This course is designed for anyone that wants to fly small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) for fun or as a new career after the FAA opens the skies to commercial use.  Students learn to fly, are taught about the different types of flight systems and, most importantly, acquire insight into safe and legal flying practices.

Rochester Air Center logo




Rochester Air Center in Rochester, offers a small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) Training Program. Please check their website for pilot requirements.

There is also a New York City Drone User Group (NYCDUG). This is “an organization for amateur and professional drone users that seeks to promote the responsible use of flying robots for community service, artistic, entrepreneurial, and recreational purposes. All experience levels are welcome.”

14 thoughts on “Drone Schools in New York

    1. Hi Bill,

      I don’t know of any training programs offered in these locations as of yet, but there is a Drone User Group in New York City that you might check out. A link to this group has been added to the last paragraph in the article above.

  1. Like to know where i can find a location in the New York city area. (Nassau co), where i can train & get certified.
    Thank You
    Kevin Lynch

    1. Hi Kevin,

      Unfortunately I don’t know of any other drone schools in New York, besides those listed above. You might try contacting the New York City Drone User Group (see link above) to see if they have any advice for you.

      1. Hi thanks for taking time out to answer questions….

        Do you know of any classes or where I go to take the faa test in buffalo ny ?
        I’m looking at the DJI mavick to be my first drone ..
        however I would like to abide by the laws …
        so they don’t make more ..
        I’m disabled in a wheelchair so tralving is difficult ….
        any help is appreciated thank you again

        Safe flying

  2. Has anyone found a school or program within the NYC area (or Nassau Co) that offers classes or required certification for drone employment? Thx.

  3. I just bought a recreational drone and want to fly it in the Amherst, ny area. Do you know legally I can fly? I downloaded the knowbeforeyoufly app and it says I am within 5 miles of an airport. I am not within 5 miles of an airport. Any clubs in the area would be helpful too.

    1. Did you find where you can fly in the Amherst, ny area? I have a drone and want to fly it in the Amherst, ny area. I know of no clubs presently. If you have found an area, email myself and I could fly with you.

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