Drone Schools in North Dakota

If you are looking for drone schools in North Dakota, you are in luck. Not only does the University of North Dakota offer a four-year UAV piloting degree, but it was the very first college in the country to do so.

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B.S. in Aeronautics with a Major in Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operations

UND’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operations curriculum provides the instruction needed to prepare graduates to work as pilots/operators and/or developmental team members of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) while fully understanding the operational and safety environments of the National Airspace System. “Courses require students to be comfortable utilizing complex science, technology, engineering and mathematics principles. In addition, students must possess strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills. A Commercial Pilot Certificate, with instrument and multiengine ratings is required.”

Please note that the University of North Dakota requires proof of U.S. citizenship to enroll in some of the courses in this program.

This UAS degree program is just one part of North Dakota’s efforts become the drone capital of the United States. First, it applied for and was awarded the right to establish one of six FAA-appoved test sites in the country. Also, its state government is using a massive budget surplus (courtesy of fracking and horizontal drilling) to invest in drone development and education. Finally, UND has also established the Center for Unmanned Aircraft Systems Research, Education and Training. The goal of this center is to “provide a conduit between private industry and UAS researchers, promoting commercialization of new UAS-related products and services while bringing new UAS-related business ventures to North Dakota.”



3 thoughts on “Drone Schools in North Dakota

  1. Hi,

    I am an Irish citizen and work in the events and film industry. I would like to train in UAV’s and possibly obtain a degree or the highest level of training available. How can I proceed, given the fact that I am not an America citizen in terms of visa’s etc. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks,


    1. Hi William,

      As far as I know, it is only the University of North Dakota that requires U.S. citizenship for its UAV courses. Many other schools do not have this requirement.

  2. Currently in Jamestown ND but very interested in drones. Is Fargo the only place near here or can you do online for this?

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