Drone Schools in Ohio

There’s currently two drone schools in Ohio – colleges to be exact. One offers a minor, the other an associates degree. Both are worth checking out. Let’s start with the minor program…

Kent State logo

Kent State University’s College of Applied Engineering, Sustainability and Technology offers an Unmanned Aircraft Systems minor as part of its Aeronautics, Bachelor of Science Degree Program. This consists of 5 classes ranging from “Introduction to Unmanned Aircraft Systems” to UAV sensor systems, command and control, and flight operations theory.

Sinclair UAS Training Center logo Sinclair Community College in Dayton, OH offers an Associate of Applied Science in Unmanned Aerial Systems. This is 62-credit hour program is designed to prepare students for entry level positions in the UAS industry working in applications such as emergency response, Geospatial Information Systems (GIS), and precision agriculture.

Sinclair’s UAS curriculum” focuses on practical real-world applications of current and emerging nonmilitary UAS vehicle and sensor technologies using classroom instruction, leading-edge simulation and hands-on vehicle operations.”

It is worth mentioning that while the University of Cincinnati doesn’t have a specific UAS degree program, “its aerospace engineering and engineering mechanics programs have been conducting research on UAS in disaster management operations, and the University of Cincinnati Research Institute is collaborating with local entrepreneurs to further develop concept vehicles based on student simulations.”

In addition, Ohio State University and Wright State University are both heavily engaged in drone research.  You might want to keep you eyes these universities to see if any  announce plans to offer UAV-themed classes.

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