Drone Schools in Oregon

If you are searching for drone schools in Oregon to attend, there is at least one current option. Central Oregon Community College (in Bend, OR) offers an Associate of Applied Science in Unmanned Aerial Systems that includes both hands-on experience in the field as well as in the college’s UAV simulation lab.

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The goal of COCC’s UAS Degree Program is to train students to work as professional UAS operators in the national or international arena. The training will cover: conducting mission/ preflight planning, mission briefings, and programming, as well as obtaining and evaluating weather forecasts. Students will also be taught to perform limited UAS and ground support equipment testing, troubleshooting and maintenance.

Features of the program:  Minimum of 100 Credit Hours,  an estimated cost of $50,000 to $60,000, and Financial Aid and/or VA Benefits options are available.

Oregon State University logoAlso, Oregon State’s Professional and Continuing Education Program currently offers:

Basic Drone Operator Certificate Program, which includes three courses: FAA Drone Pilot Part 107 Test Preparation, Safety and Best Practices, and one Specialization Course (GIS, Agricultural Studies, Mammal Surveys, etc…)

Aerial Cinematography and Photography Certificate Program: A single-course certificate program that is offered online in a 8-week format.

As in Nevada, Oregon’s state government is trying to become a hub for the commercial drone industry. It has invested $880,000 in SOAR Oregon, a statewide, non-profit  organization focused on the economic development of the UAS industry in the state. Since the spring of 2014, SOAR Oregon has awarded over $300,000 in grants for Oregon-based UAS projects and facilitated an additional $1 million in private industry investment.

If the efforts of SOAR Oregon succeed, we can expect to see an increase in demand for UAV professionals in the Beaver State. This in turn, will likely lead to the availability of more UAV training options, as supply struggles to meet that demand.

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