Drone Schools in Tennessee

If you had been looking for drone schools in Tennessee as recently as 2014, you would have been out of luck. Fortunately, options for UAV training are multiplying rapidly across the United States, and the Volunteer State is no exception. Middle Tennessee State University (in Murfreesboro, TN) recently joined the growing ranks of American universities that have UAV programs.

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What MTSU is offering is a bachelor’s degree in aerospace with a concentration in UAS (unmanned aerial systems). The mission of this concentration is to “prepare students for prosperous careers in the newly forming commercial UAS marketplace, in professions such as UAS operator, consultant, or manager for UAS programs.”

MTSU’s UAS program requires:

  • 15 hours of UAS courses
  • 30 hours of aerospace core and support courses
  • 34 hours of interdisciplinary support courses

Because the most immediate and wide-spread drone applications are in the field of agriculture, the university’s program also includes study abroad trips to locations such as Mendoza, Argentina to study these kinds of farming-related applications.

Besides agriculture, the UAS concentration is designed to prepare students to work with drones in the areas public safety, photography, media, disaster response/management, power generation,  defense, and beyond.

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  1. I’m think about fly school for drones more as a hobby I’m interested in the photographic side of drones and the skills required

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