Drone Schools in Utah

As of right now, there aren’t any drone schools in Utah that offer UAV-related degrees. However, there is at least one company in Utah that offers drone flight training through online courses. While nothing beats hands-on learning, if convenience is what you are looking for, a company called Flying IQ might be the way to go…

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They currently offer two levels of drone training from beginner to more advanced small drone operation.

There are also universities in the state conducting research in the field Unmanned Aerial Systems. For example, Weber State University’s UCAID (Utah Center for Applied Innovation and Design) has partnered with Utah Valley University’s (UVU) aviation science department to design an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Quadcopter for command and control during wild fires.

The steep terrain of the  Rocky Mountains make FM radio communications and real time fire intelligence unreliable. This greatly increases the danger to the fire fighters on the ground. UCAID’s proposed UAV Quadcopter, would be stable in crosswinds, carry a radio repeater to relay FM signals down into ravines,  and have a video/thermal camera that could track fire locations.

So while Weber State University doesn’t currently offer UAV-specific degrees, it’s possibile that its Engineering students might find themselves building drones at UCAID.

Also, Utah State University has assembled its Utah Water Research Lab Drone Fleet, nicknamed the Flying Circus, which they use to map and study waterways in the state’s remote areas.

If you’re a Utah resident interested in a UAV degree, you might want to check out the neighboring states of Arizona or Nevada. Also, Salt Lake City residents can also learn more about drones by checking out the Salt Lake City Drone User Group.

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