Drone Schools in Wisconsin

Unfortunately, there isn’t much in the way of commercial drone schools in Wisconsin. However that is slowly changing. Madison Area Technical College recently offer a class on “3D Robotics”, which consisted of about a dozen 12 students, divided up into teams, that were taught to build four unmanned aerial vehicles. Their duties were split up into electronics, programming,  plus the mechanical tasks of constructing and repairing the craft.

Unfortunately, the college doesn’t offer any UAS degree programs at the moment. Hopefully more classes like the one above will follow.

Wisconsin residents wanting to learn more about operating UAVs might try checking out the Green Bay Area Drone User Group. This group welcomes “people who are interested in researching, building, and flying remote controlled, autonomous aircraft for fun, commercial use”. Otherwise, those looking for a UAV-specific degree might need to look in the neighboring states of Illinois, Michigan, or Minnesota.

No matter what else happens with UAVs in Wisconsin, the world will always have the Badger State to thank for the world’s first beer delivery via drone. For a brief time, Lakemaid Beer was happily using a UAV to deliver its product to thirsty ice fishers on Lake Waconia, MN… until grounded by the FAA in early 2014. Now all we have are memories, and this pretty cool video to keep the dream alive…

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