Drone Schools in Wyoming

Wyoming is an interesting state. It has the lowest population of any state in the U.S. It also has the second lowest population density. Therefore it’s not that surprising that it’s pretty difficult to find drone schools in Wyoming.

This is not say that the Equality State is devoid of drones. There was recently a great drone story about a volunteer firefighter in Worland, who used his personal quadcopter to get a better view of a flood zone, which had a dramatic effect on improving the emergency response…

“The drone got a view of the flooding in a quicker, cheaper and more flexible manner than resources would typically allow. Flying above the swelling river, the lightweight drone captured high-definition photo and video with its GoPro camera, showing officials what they couldn’t see from the ground – the extent of the flooding, the size and location of more ice jams clogging the river in other places – and helping them plan their next moves, like whether to evacuate residential areas, where to lay sandbags and which towns to inform downstream. And all this, without resorting to the expensive, complex and inherently risky measure of a helicopter flight, and without wasting time.”

If you’re a Wyoming resident and you want drone training, unfortunately you may need to look in another state. If you already a drone photography enthusiast, you may want to check out this state as a possible shooting location…

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